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A Case for Love 

On January 23rd, members of Holy Apostles and The Mediator entered the movie theater as friends, but we left as members of a larger-than-life Christian Community. Holding paper hearts, photos of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, and singing a classic love tune, they gathered together, saw old friends, and greeted the possibilities of forging new relationships.

A Case For Love is a documentary about the philosophy of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, about people living their lives selflessly, and interviews them about how that way of living affects others and themselves. A Case for Love showcased interviewed ordinary people from all walks of life. Other well-known figures, including Pete Buttigieg, Al Roker, Sam Waterston, John Danforth, Becca Stevens, Jon Meacham, Russell Moore, Kelly Brown Douglas, and Jim Clyburn, were also featured in sharing their experiences.


Stories were shared, and we All learned how important it is to open yourself up to others. The movie showed how one simple act of love has the potential to inspire others to act in kind. Love is an action!

      To Love One Another

           To Care About and show concern for other
                To Listen to the Other

                    To not withhold from someone that which you can freely give

Then Watch What Happens.

           That’s the power of Love!
See what God can do?

God IS love!

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