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Our current schedule for live worship:

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for the PDF bulletin of our services and the Book of Common Prayer


Weekly Prayer and Study



10:00 AM    Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost

                      Virtual Eucharist

                      Sunday, October 24, 2021

                      Rev. Dr. William E. Flippen, Sunday Missioner


7:00 AM       Morning Prayer & Reflection                                                                              


12:30 PM      Afternoon Pop-up Prayer       


5:30 PM       Evening Prayer

                      Tuesday & Thursday 

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7:00 PM       Partners Bible Study

                      (HAM & CBBC)





9:00 PM       Compline Reflection

                       Sunday & Thursday          


9:00 PM      Evening Reflection  

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The Church of the Holy Apostles and the Mediator or "H.A.M" as it is affectionately known is an Episcopal urban congregation. It is a spiritual home for all people who seek to deepen their relationship with God by living a life of Christian service.

Our congregation is comprised of many different cultural backgrounds including the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and Central America. The educational levels vary and the lay vocations cover a broad spectrum. While most parishioners live in West Philadelphia, we continue to draw from all over the city and the suburbs.