02.26 6:30pm HAM Lenten Service at home of M.Anderson

03.01 10am HAM Holy Eucharist at St. George St.Barnabas 520 S. 61st Street 





02.15.15 New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir

11.30.14 Brotherhood of St. Andrew Rededication
10.05.14 Welcome Fr. Messer

10.04.15 Annual Pantry Party 10.04.14



THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH WELCOMES YOU HOME                                                         
The Church of the Holy Apostles and The Mediator is an urban congregation. It is a spiritual home for all  people who seek to deepen their relationship with God by living a life of Christian service by living a life of Christian service, making a total commitment to God as a result of the commitment God makes to us. Welcome to our Father's house.
Rev. Charles Messer, Priest In Charge   
51st and Spruce Streets   260 South 51st Street   Philadelphia, PA 19139              Phone: 215.472.3000    Food Hotline 267-908-3287